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gtkali 1.0.0 released -- 2000 July 04 0050
Alright, the long awaited 1.0.0, yeah yeah I got lazy, sue me :P This one switches over to the new kalinix lib, as always the changes are in the ChangeLog.

public cvs server in use -- 2000 May 15 @0522
One of Sourceforges many features is the provision of a CVS server for each project. Well today I set up one for gtkali. You can get the latest CVS sources for gtkali by using commands that somewhat resemble:

	$ cvs login
	$ cvs -z3 co gtkali
When asked for a password, just hit enter. Make sure you have cvs, autoconf and automake before trying this. :)

gtkali 0.9.5 released -- 2000 April 13 @0000
"Release often, release early" right? Well here is one more release until I switch over to the new kalinix libraries which Jay Cotton has started to update. As usual check the ChangeLog. This release introduces a new channel list and new behavior over the nick list, I'd like comments about these and other changes. If something doesn't work just as it should, email me.

New rpm maintainer -- 2000 April 1 @1509
Yep, we have a new rpm maintainer who's going to keep you redhat/mandrake/whatever guys happy, and it's none other then Bill Gates himself! April Fools! It's really Adam Gibson <>. I'm still looking for a deb maintainer. If you would like to be that person or you think gtkali should be in some other package format and are willing to maintain it, email me.

gtkali 0.9.4 released -- 2000 Mar 31 @1938
Thats right, just 6 days after my initial release another version is out. I cleaned up some code and added some things so check the ChangeLog for whats changed.

RPM's and DEB's unmaintained -- 2000 Mar 27 @1252
I'm not going to be maintaining the rpm or deb packages, but if someone else wants to keep them updated then email me and we'll work it all out.

gtkali 0.9.3 availible / New Maintainer -- 2000 Mar 25 @1745
There's a new maintainer in the house, he's already made changes to which are availible in the newest release. His name is Warren Chartier, he can be reached at Home site has also been changed to

gtkali 0.9.2 released -- 1999 Sep 14 @2045
Bug fix release. It incorporates all previous patches plus a couple more little fixes here and there. This is also the first release to be made into a Debian package.

Bug fix patch -- 1999 Jul 15 2125 MST
Greg Boyko <> found a window geometry bug. I made a patch for it. It also adds inline tab completion similar to that in EPIC the IRC client. In order to apply the patch simply run this command one step outside of the gtkali-0.9.1 directory. Example:

	$ cd <path_to>/gtkali-0.9.1 && cd ..
	$ gzip -cd wingeom.patch.gz | patch -p0
Then re-run ./configure and rebuild it with make. This should tide you over until 0.9.2 if you're having trouble with window geometry.

gtkali 0.9.1 released! -- 1999 Jul 10 @1516 MST
Major bug fix release along with URL highlighting and color adjustment.

GtKali 0.9.0 Released! -- 1999 Jul 3 @0942 MST
Finally got enough time to sit down and complete the next revision of GtKali. It's quite a change from the previous version of GtKali and should be a little easier to work with. You'll have to delete your old gtkali configuration directory and start anew. Anyway, enough talk download it!.

New Look and Info on Next Release -- 1999 Jun 27 @1245 MST
Yes, I did yet another revamp on the aesthetics, hopefully it'll be easier to read than the last layout. The next release will be out before the summer is out. I apologize about the speed at which development is going; the help I got fizzled out, and I'm working alone again. I'm revamping various parts of the program which should make it easier to add features in the future. GtKali v0.1.12 is quite stable and should tide most over until v0.2.0 is released. Anyway.. back to development.

No More Help Needed -- 1999 Apr 24 @1240 MST
No more help is needed for the project. Thanks for all the emails.

Changes -- 1999 Apr 06 @1850 MST
Welcome to the new server! I changed the page around a bit as you can see.

Future Plans (Call for Help) -- 1999 Apr 06 @1846 MST
The plan right now is improvement of GtKali's configuration system. I want to change how GtKali handles it's configuration files and the internal organization thereof. This should allow me to add more features like configurable chat colors and more powerful aliases; it should also cut back on the bugs that you've all experienced. I'm currently busy with school and such so updates to GtKali are few and far between. This should change once summer rolls around, but if you'd like to help out in the mean time, feel free to email me at and I'll bring you up to speed. Any sort of help would be appreciated but someone with moderate C experience is wanted.

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GtKali is a free Kali client for Linux using the Gtk+ toolkit. It's designed to provide an X interface for the kalinix library provided by Jay Cotton. For more information about Kali check out their web site.
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Screenshot from 0.9.5 using enlightenment and gtk+ bluesteel themes.
Here is a screenshot from 0.9.2.
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